Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience. Our dentists and team are here to support you if you face this challenging dental situation. We only recommend a dental extraction when it is the last resort to protect your oral health.

Both Dr. Kory Rowberry and Dr. Brad Vergien have performed thousands of dental extractions with successful results. If we recommend a dental extraction, we can also plan to replace your missing tooth, minimizing the time you have to go with a gap in your smile.

Conditions Requiring an Extraction

In most cases, we opt to restore your tooth using fillings, crowns, or root canal therapy. When these are not possible, an extraction may be the only way to eliminate your symptoms and protect your other teeth.

Some conditions that require a dental extraction include:

  • A tooth broken at the gumline
  • A severely infected tooth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Symptomatic wisdom teeth
  • A split or fractured tooth
  • A failed root canal
  • Impaction (tooth cannot erupt)
  • Overcrowding

We will discuss all of your options with you, allowing you to make the best choice for your dental health. Our dentists are available to answer your questions and help you decide on tooth-replacement options, if necessary.

Comfortable Dental Extractions

Your comfort is the highest priority for us. We will make sure that your tooth is completely numb before we begin your procedure. If you have difficulty getting numb, experience dental anxiety, or prefer sedation, we will recommend one of our trusted oral surgeon specialists to complete treatment and monitor it closely.
Our dentists will take an x-ray of the affected area to plan your treatment before we begin. They will gently remove your tooth and make sure the tissue looks healthy. We will also go over how to care for your surgical site, so that you heal quickly.

Extraction Aftercare

Some good rules to remember are to avoid smoking and drinking through a straw. This can dislodge healing tissue. You should also keep the area clean by gently rising and keeping your site clear of food debris. Do not use a WaterPik, or other spray-cleaning device because it can disrupt the healing process.
We will follow-up with your extraction to make sure that healing is on track. This will also be a great time to discuss potential options for restoring your smile. If we remove a wisdom tooth or remove a tooth due to overcrowding (orthodontic needs), we will not need to replace your tooth.

In all other cases, we offer a wide variety of options:

  • Dental implants
  • Bridge
  • Partial dentures
  • Full dentures
  • Implant-retained dentures

If You Experience Tooth Pain, Call Us Right Away

Our Gallup dental office strives to promptly and effectively restore your comfort and health. Give us a call. We look forward to taking care of you.