Because of the nature of our modern diets, which often include not-so-healthy sugary and starchy snacks, most people will end up with a cavity at some point during their lifetimes. Of course, we do our best to help our patients avoid any dental work, but when a filling is necessary, you can count on Gallup Dental Group for comfortable and high-quality dentistry.

When Fillings become Necessary

Regular dental exams are an important part of your preventive dental routine because dentist exams and x-rays often help us diagnose conditions, such as dental decay, before they cause a more serious problem.
If Dr. Rowberry or Dr. Vergien identify signs of decay through a visual exam or from your routine x-rays, they will let you know right away. Dental decay does not heal on its own and will progress over time, if not treated properly.
Cavities do not cause pain until they are well advanced because your enamel and dentin protect the nerve of your tooth. Once decay reaches the nerve, root canal therapy or an extraction may be the only solution.
A restorative dental filling provides a much better option!

Fillings to Protect Your Smile

The first step to any dental procedure is to take an x-ray that gives us an idea of the size and severity of your cavity. Once the diagnosis is made, we will always make sure your tooth is completely numb before beginning treatment. 
Dr. Rowberry or Dr. Vergien will remove all traces of decay and bacteria from your tooth. Removing damaged tooth structure will leave your tooth exposed. A filling seals and protects your tooth.

Give Us a Call for an Appointment

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our dental family. Call us to set up a periodic exam or if you are experiencing pain. We are here to help you enjoy a comfortable and healthy smile.