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Gallup Dental Group has brought the latest in Dental technology to Gallup. We are a digital office which means a more streamlined process for our dental patients and the team of dental professionals serving you. Sounds interesting, but what does that mean to you? The first thing you will see is that you have a digital chart. This is your information that is available on our secure office network to all the people that provide your care, wherever they may be in the office. No more delays as we transfer a paper chart from one person to another. No more lost paperwork and no misplaced charts.


Digital Radiography

We utilize digital radiography for our intraoral and our panoramic x-ray machines. A digital sensor captures and sends your x-ray images to your digital chart within seconds. No more waiting up to 10 minutes for an x-ray processor to develop your films. Your images are in your chart quickly so the doctor can proceed with your exam or treatment sooner. This saves everyone a lot of time and inconvenience. But that’s not all. Perhaps one of the key benefits of digital x-rays is that the exposure to radiation is much lower than film x-rays!


We pride ourselves with having a sterilization center that is top of the line. All our intraoral instruments are sterilized or are disposable. We use an outside monitoring service to assure that our equipment is working properly. Our work surfaces and chairs are thoroughly disinfected between patients.


Intraoral Camera

We also are able to gather information towards your diagnosis and proposed treatment with our intraoral camera. This is a simple camera specially designed to use in the mouth to capture images to help explain to you what is going on with a particular tooth. Your tooth will suddenly go from a very small object to a very large image.

All of the above information is then able to be presented to you on the monitor that is stationed in front of your dental chair. The doctor can show you an x-ray and/or a photo to make the recommended treatment clear to you. Patients find that a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

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